Friday, April 10, 2015

Teacher Appreciation Doors

So since we are on year-round school here we tend to have a different schedule then traditional schools hence our Teacher Appreciation Week starts this next Monday, April 13th.  I was asked to decorate T's teachers door.  His last school did not decorate the teachers door so this was a new project for me.  I did what any normal, rational mom does at this point when faced with a new task.  I turned to Pinterest!  I was able to find some great ideas and had settled on this one

then we were given the theme of Up.  Lift Up, Rise Up, Tee Up, Batter Up, the movie get the idea.  So back to the hunt.   I decided to go with Soar.  I found this idea on the Crafting Chics website and used it as a starting point.

I stopped by the school and picked up some paper from the workroom.  I took a little bit of every color so I would be ready for whatever direction I ended up going.  Then I started working on details.

I am a big fan of finding ways to make things easier so I started looking for hot air balloons that were already done instead of trying to make my own.  I found these on

They are only available in store.  I still had to put them together but did not have to cut them all out.   They came in different patterns and shades and attached to a sticker that went right on the door.  I originally used a craft glue to attach to the sticker but after it dried the paper part of the balloon pulled right off so I used a spray adhesive and that seemed to work better.  There is a basket at the bottom of each one but I ended up putting a pic of each of the kids here.

I also found some fun pinwheels to use as our flowers.  Again, easy to put together and so fun.  Michaels with another win!

I then used my Cricut to cut out the words.  I found some great green polka dot embossed cardstock at Michaels along with a colorful chevron for my standout words.  I used some of my school acquired paper to make the grass.  I did 3 different layers and fringed each one and glued the paper so it would fall away from the door not towards it.  I added the pinwheels to the grass then finished all the prep work to take to the school.

Once I was at the school it was very easy to tape to the door and the cloud and sun  on.  I took my spray adhesive with me and that made it go so fast.  Just make sure you hold the adhesive far enough from the paper so it doesn't soak through.  I help it a little too close to the yellow and it left a permanent wet spot.

Here is my finished door!

After I got this up we wondered around the school to enjoy the other doors.  I soon found out the downfall of having a theme for us all to work around.  Repeat doors!  lol!  Here are the other Soar doors.

Love the balloons on this one.  I didn't go with actual balloons on ours because I knew T would be nervous throughout the day that one would pop!  He's not a fan of sudden loud noises.  

And here are the rest of the doors that were already finished.  

I hope to get back next week and see the doors that were still going up.  The class next to T's was doing an adorable Mary Poppins door!  The had adorable kites and a fun idea for a sun.  I'll post a pic when I get one.

I hope this inspires you for your Teacher Appreciation Week!  Have fun with your door! 

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