Monday, April 13, 2015

Easter Cake!

Easter this year was crazy busy!  We had family from out of town staying with us then dinner at another families house on Easter.  Since I was busy hosting I did not want to spend all my time making over the top treats for Easter that would keep me up all night.  After browsing through Pinterest I came up with a win after combining 2 ideas I had found.

One was an awesome find at Target.  Edible Easter grass!  So fun!  I found this idea on The Cake Blog.  The grass was super easy to use.  It comes in long strips so I used my kitchen shears to snip it into smaller pieces.  Fast and such a fun whimsical look.

I really didn't want an entire cake covered in the grass so I decided to use part of this idea I found on Family  Now truth be told, I would have loved to have done this entire cake but again there wasn't time. 

So I combined the bottom idea of one cake and the top of another and voila, my Easter masterpiece.  When my 4 year-old saw this he said it was "so awesome!"  He was pretty excited to eat a 4 layer cake! 

How did I make it you might ask?  I bought 2 boxes of cake mix, 2 containers of chocolate frosting, edible Easter grass and raspberry jam.  I used a chocolate fudge and white cake mix and alternated the layers putting the raspberry jam on top of the white cake layer.  This was fast, easy and made a statement.  I almost felt guilty that I hadn't spent more time on it!

This is what I am about.  Finding the time consuming ideas and making them easy for the every day mom.  Go grab some grass at Target and get ready to have some fun! 

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